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Printer servicing and maintenance

We offer competitive rates for maintenance packages, or we can attend on an ad-hoc basis as and when you may need us. We provide printer servicing and maintenance for a large array of UV, superwide and larger format printers across Europe. Our aim is to provide excellent customer support to ensure that your printer is working to the best of its ability and is back in production as soon as possible.

Printer models covered


HP XP2100, HP XP2300, HP XP2500, HP XP2700, HP XP2750, HP XP5100, XP5300


RHO160, RHO205/8 RHO600/Pictor, RHO700, RHO800


NUR Expedio 5000/Revolution
NUR Expedio 3200/Inspiration


VUTEk QS2000, VUTEk QS3200, VUTEk QSR3250, VUTEK GS2000, VUTEk GS3200, VUTEk GSR3200