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What do we do?

Inkjet Monkey Ltd provides professional consulting services to the print industry. They specialise in servicing, telephone support, installations, maintenance, advice, and troubleshooting for the UV large format and superwide printing industry.

With over 15 years experience in the print industry they have hands-on knowledge of both UV large format and superwide printers; specializing in Durst, VUTEk and Nur/HP machines. The engineer(s) are factory trained and have worked as senior technical specialists for some of the major manufacturers.

The office is centrally located in the heart of England to get to you as soon as they can.

The philosophy for Inkjet Monkey is simple; to provide a reliable and world-class service solution to your company. Ultimately, they want you to enjoy the improved reliability, higher quality output, and higher production speeds, resulting in a more cost-effective solution for all your printing requirements.

There are many customers that are already enjoying the benefits of Inkjet Monkey’s services, but please contact Inkjet Monkey Ltd for further details or to chat through your specific company needs.

Who is Inkjet Monkey?

Carl and Jennifer Davies set up Inkjet Monkey Ltd in November 2012 as it became apparent that many printers are seeking an alternative method of support for their older, out of warranty machines; or they just want to look away from larger multinational company processes and prices.

Carl has extensive and first-hand knowledge of a wide range of printers and has worked directly for some of the major manufacturers in print. He is still incredibly passionate about the industry after having been involved in it for nearly 20 years. Carl is factory trained to manufacturer standards on many of the machines that are currently in use, and he has a proven track record in fault diagnosis and repair.

Jennifer is mainly office based and has a corporate business background. She has excellent attention to detail and enjoys responsibility for all of Inkjet Monkey’s account management, machine sales, customer orders, job scheduling, and office management.

Inkjet Monkey’s business structure allows them to focus on supporting and visiting customers throughout the UK and Europe to help improve business and production. Inkjet Monkey aims to provide their clients with exceptional service in all areas and will offer you a responsive and professional approach to all your queries and requirements. They welcome your contact to see how they can assist you and your business.