2007 EFI Vutek QS3200


Birmingham, United Kingdom



Manufacturer3.2m printer for sale
ModelEFI Vutek
Dual resolution600 dpi (24pL) or 1000 dpi (12 pL) selectable.
Media typeflexible or rigid substrates up to 2 inches (5.08 cm) thick.

At a glance

2007 EFI Vutek QS3200 3.2 m wide hybrid printer 6 colour (with white capability) Very good condition Available immediately EFI VUTEK QS3200 The VUTEk QS3200 combines High-Definition Print (HDP) capability with high production speeds. The VUTEk QS3200 is the superwide printer of choice for print shops with tight deadlines and customers who demand the highest image quality. Typical applications of the Vutek QS3200 Point-of-Purchase, displays banners and other super wide print applications. Feature and Benefits High Definition Print (HDP). White printing capability allows printing white in six variations (overprint, underprint, spot, underspot, fill and overspot). Changeover to print on flexible from rigid substrates in less than one minute. Print directly to substrate - eliminates mounting and lamination of flexible materials for rigid application. Maximum print width:Size: sheet and continuous feed, up to 126.5 inches (3.2 meters) wide. Maximum weight: Weight: 4914 lbs. (1834.1 kg).