2013 Durst Rhotex 322 (with 2014 Monti Calendar)

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England, United Kingdom



ModelRhotex 322 (with 2014 Monti Calendar)

At a glance

Machine history

The machines were at the sellers main site in London for the last 7 years – they bought them new from Durst as a bundle deal. Having the Monti allows faster speeds on the Rhotex printing, as when the first roll is printed it can be on the calendar for further curing whilst the next roll is printing.  

The sellers are selling as they have a new machine now and they have therefore moved this Durst to a sister site in London, for space.  

  • A bundle deal but reasonable offers will be seriously considered if required
  • Full-service history
  • On Durst service contract until mid 2023
  • Low mileage of around 336,707 sqm
  • The Monti is an easy use calendar, with rollers with heated oil in them. That too has been serviced well, and regularly by an external company, and maintained by the operators of the Durst.
  • The Durst is still viewable but is not currently networked because when it was moved on 10th December 2022 they only plugged it in to 240V to keep the ink circulating through the machine and heads. It isn’t currently on 3 phase elec, which is needs to operate fully.
  • Viewings welcome