HP Latex 570


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ModelLatex 570

At a glance

This HP Latex 570 Printer is in good condition, meticulously maintained, and regularly serviced by

certified technicians. It has low usage and is ready to start producing high-quality prints immediately.

Key Features:

  1.  Exceptional Print Quality: The HP Latex 570 delivers stunning, vibrant prints with sharp details and vivid colors, thanks to its advanced Latex printing technology.
  2.  The Versatile Media Compatibility: Whether you're printing banners, signs, vehicle wraps, or textiles, this printer can handle a wide range of media types, including vinyl, fabric, paper, and more.
  3.  High Productivity: With impressive print speeds of up to 23 m²/hr (248 ft²/hr), you can meet tight deadlines and increase your production efficiency.
  4.  User-Friendly Design: The intuitive touchscreen interface and easy-to-use features make operation a breeze, while remote monitoring capabilities ensure seamless workflow management.
  5.  Environmentally Friendly: The HP Latex 570 uses water-based Latex inks, which are odourless and environmentally friendly, making it suitable for indoor applications without the need for ventilation

2 Print heads need replacing (both yellow/magenta heads X2). Indoor quality: 23 m²/hr (248 ft²/hr). Up to 1.63 m (64 in) roll width. HP 871 3-liter Latex Ink Cartridges. Printer status beacon. Spindleless system. Heavier rolls—up to 55 kg (121 lb).

Substrate Usage: 4,689.25m Squared

Ink Usage: 

Magenta             14,990.67 ml

Light magenta   2,143.51 ml

Light cyan           4,620.24 ml

Cyan                     11,923.62 ml

Latex Optimizer 8,599.08 ml

Yellow                  14,800.20 ml

Black                     10,026.48 ml

Total                     67,103.80 ml