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Used 2015 Durst Rho P10-250 HS

2015 Durst Rho P10-250 HS

£60,000 (GBP)
Birmingham, United Kingdom

- CMYKlclm configuration - 2.5m wide print bed - Cosmetically tidy and in good working order - No RIP but can be quoted - One owner from new - Stored and maintained at IJM offices - Approx 320000 s...

Used 2017 Durst Rho 512r

2017 Durst Rho 512r

England, United Kingdom

- Excellently clean and well maintained machine - CMYKlclm + W configuration - Was on Durst service contract until summer 2023 - Available in early 2024 - 1 previous owner - Very good head jet test...

Used 2013 Durst Rho 512R

2013 Durst Rho 512R

Walsall, United Kingdom

- 4 colour - RIP excluded from machine sale but will sell for additional price - 2 owners from new - Available immediately - Machine PC replaced in summer 2023 but needs software reinstall and reli...

Used 2016 Durst Rho 512r

2016 Durst Rho 512r

Walsall, United Kingdom

- 197,000 sq/m approx printed - Some head slots need attention to be perfect test pattern - Includes extraction system header, 3 up bars front & back, mesh kit, media slitters - Seller runs banner ...

Used Durst Head interface pcb

Durst Head interface pcb (320r)

Birmingham, United Kingdom

Durst DUAL ISOL.HEAD INTERF.PCB (Q-CLASS) - Part number of board LE5092Z1L.1Z

Used 2012 Durst 500r

2012 Durst 500r

Coventry, United Kingdom

- CMYK configuration - Can be demonstrated - No rip included in sale - Includes Mesh Kit, Triple Roll, Double Roll, Double Sided Kit - Very good print head jet test - Had 6 new print heads in 2021