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Used 2013 2.5m wide Durst

2013 Durst P10-250

£30,000 (GBP)
London, United Kingdom

2013 Durst Rho P10-250 Includes tables for loading/unload 2.5m wide hybrid printer 6 Colour + White Very good general condition Colour channels working but White heads need attention Can demo as ...

Used 2015 Durst Rho P10-250 HS

2015 Durst Rho P10-250 HS

£50,000 (GBP)
Birmingham, United Kingdom

- CMYKlclm configuration - 2.5m wide print bed - Cosmetically tidy and in good working order - No RIP - One owner from new - Stored and maintained at IJM offices - Approx 302000 sqm printed - Can b...

Used 2017 Durst Rho 512r

2017 Durst Rho 512r

England, United Kingdom

- Excellently clean and well maintained machine - CMYKlclm + W configuration - Was on Durst service contract until summer 2023 - Available in early 2024 - 1 previous owner - Very good head jet test...

Used 2013 Durst Rho 512R

2013 Durst Rho 512R

Walsall, United Kingdom

- 4 colour - RIP excluded from machine sale but will sell for additional price - 2 owners from new - Available immediately - Machine PC replaced in summer 2023 but needs software reinstall and reli...

Used 2016 Durst Rho 512r

2016 Durst Rho 512r

Walsall, United Kingdom

- 197,000 sq/m approx printed - Some head slots need attention to be perfect test pattern - Includes extraction system header, 3 up bars front & back, mesh kit, media slitters - Seller runs banner ...

Used Durst Head interface pcb

Durst Head interface pcb (320r)

Birmingham, United Kingdom

Durst DUAL ISOL.HEAD INTERF.PCB (Q-CLASS) - Part number of board LE5092Z1L.1Z

Used Durst Rhotex (with Monti Calendar)

2013 Durst Rhotex 322 (with 2014 Monti Calendar)

England, United Kingdom

Machine history The machines were at the sellers main site in London for the last 7 years – they bought them new from Durst as a bundle deal. Having the Monti allows faster speeds on the Rhotex pr...

Used 2012 Durst 500r

2012 Durst 500r

Coventry, United Kingdom

- CMYK configuration - Can be demonstrated - No rip included in sale - Includes Mesh Kit, Triple Roll, Double Roll, Double Sided Kit - Very good print head jet test - Had 6 new print heads in 2021