Wide Format Printers

Streamline your printing process and improve workflow with a premium range of wide format printers at Inkjet Monkey.

As a leading wide-format printer supplier, we deliver printers manufactured using cutting-edge technology to help professionals complete their job with ease and excellence.

We have used printing machines in our inventory to meet different needs of small to large scale industries. Our line of products is ideal for artistic projects and product-based business that needs large colored and black/white prints to positively impact buyers. It can be used to print:


● Banners

● Blueprints

● Posters

● Trade Show Graphics

● Backlit Displays

● Cad Drawings

● Wallpaper

Wide Format Printers

Our in-house team of skilled professionals has a good record in fault diagnosis and repair. So, uninterrupted service is guaranteed.

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Committed to delivering world-class service solution, our engineers have hands-on knowledge of printing machines from renowned brands such as Durst, Vutek, Nur and HP.


Our super wide format printers support page size of up to 100” whereas our other range of printers supports printing on paper roll ranging from 2 feet to more than 15 feet width.


We have more than 15 years’ experience in servicing, installing, and maintaining printers of reputable brands. You can be assured about the quality as our values are focused on innovation, sustainability, customer orientation, and quality.


We at Inkjet Monkey, also deliver ink for large format printers for sale to avoid inconvenience in the printing process. Our in-house produced ink provides excellent colour consistency and strong substrate adhesion.


You can fill out a simple form to know more about particular brand’s wide format printer or give us a call for servicing, installation and our maintenance services.

If you’re looking for specific uv flatbed printer, contact us to give you a complete overview of our existing stock of used printers.

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