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Colour profiling

Inkjet Monkey Ltd provide commercial printer colour profiling solutions for a wide variety of commercial printers. We provide full printer calibration solutions, ensuring that your printer is providing the best colours for your prints. We always aim to provide extensive color profiling solutions.

Printer calibration

Colour profiling printers consists of calibrating the typical printer colours; Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black commonly known as (CMYK). Calibrating your printer is essential in order to make sure that the machines colour space is measured for correct reproduction. Completing proper colour profiling will ensure that the correct ink tints from 100% to 1% without tonal distortion on the printed image. This ensures reliable pantone reproduction whilst optimising ink consumption for lower costs.

Printer decommissions, relocations and installations

We can provide specialists to relocate your printer in the UK or Europe. Our professional service provides an excellent step-by-step plan to project manage your printer relocation, ensuring that your printer move is as smooth as possible ready for decommissioning.

If a project managed solution is required we are able to help in any part of the process as required.

To arrange a site inspection please get in contact with us, we will dispatch an engineer to asses your printer and relocation site.

Operator training

Inkjet Monkey Ltd can provide full operator training on all relevant machines. With over 15 years experience in dealing with a large variety of UV, superwide and large format printing machines, Inkjet Monkey Ltd provide operator training to maximize the operators efficiency in maintenance and production. Basically, our training allows for anyone to understand in depth how their printer works and how to maintain and operate one.

Printer breakdowns

Inkjet Monkey Ltd will provide support to service all breakdowns so that you are back in production as soon as possible. Our engineers will assess the issue you are experiencing, firstly via telephone support and if necessary will schedule to visit you on site at a time that’s convenient. It is vital that you get in touch with us as soon as you feel like you have a problem with your printer so that you are back in production at the earliest opportunity.

Printer Servicing and Maintenance

Our servicing and maintenance offering can be found here.